Sony say the purchase of “Nixxes” will aid PC future ports

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Sony has confirmed its acquisition of Nixxes is designed to enable further ports of PlayStation titles to PC. Speaking in an interview with Famitsu, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said: “We are also happy with our efforts to provide our IP to PCs, although it is still in its infancy, and we look forward to working with Nixxes to help with that.”

To help produce more PC ports was always the assumed reason behind Sony’s purchase of Nixxes, but following Ryan’s latest comments, it confirms the company will continue the initiative. Founded in 1999, the Dutch firm is best known for its work porting Square Enix titles to the personal computer over the past decade or so. Almost always of a very high quality, Nixxes has an excellent reputation as a result.

  • Source: Push Square
  • August 2, 2021
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