Sony sends McDualSense PS5 controller back for more development

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Revealed earlier this week, the ‘McDualSense’ aka an upcoming promotional item by McDonald’s Australia to celebrate their 50th anniversary, where gamers could win one of 50 customized controllers (gloriously pictured below) is now in jeopardy of never seeing the light of the day.

The original plan was for McDonald’s to sponsor a set of streams this week giving fans the opportunity to win a McDualSense and other glorious prizes while watching said streams. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

Sadly, it looks as if we have a McProblem in the ‘land down under’. McDonald’s issued a statement that the streams will be postponed and that the McDualSense is no longer part of the McPromotion. Guess someone forgot to ask permission to use the DualSense in their upcoming plans.

  • Source: the playstation brahs
  • August 2, 2021
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