TCL’s new TV glasses get a RayBan-style makeover at CES 2022

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If you’d rather wear your TV on your face than put it in your living room, TCL might have just what you need at CES 2022. The company on Tuesday revealed its next pair of TV glasses, which refines last year’s model to look more like everyday sunglasses.

While they aren’t augmented reality glasses, the TCL NXTWear Air can plug into pretty much any device and serve as an external monitor, ideal for working or watching media while lounging on the couch. The new glasses aren’t functionally different from the original NXTWear, but thanks to a lighter design, they look more like RayBan Wayfarers than the original model, which resembled IMAX 3D glasses of yesteryear.

  • Source: CNet
  • January 5, 2022
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