MiBlogs Terms and Conditions

Thank you visiting and using MiBlogs. By creating an account with us you must adhere to the following conditions, failure to do so may mean that your posted content, whether it’s forum or blog post will be removed and your account may be terminated. These conditions may be updated at any time but an update of Terms and Conditions will be found on the Forum.

General Rules

1. Be kind to one another, don’t leave abusive, threatening or swear words in the comments, forum or any other section of the website.

2. No Pornography.

3. Reviews of profiles should be accurate.

Blog posts

When Creating a blog post you must follow the set-out guidelines, failure to do so will mean your post will be removed and your account may be banned.

1. All content on the site must follow the guidelines set out, and no incorrect information is to be displayed.

2. Images cannot exceed 200KB in size.

3. Original Post source must be accurate and included. (for example, content by Mashable should be credited)

4. Add the correct Category tag to the post

5. No incorrect linking.

6. No Missing Content

7. If the content is exactly or very similar to another, the post will be deleted. You should check if the post already has been made.



1. To Create a forum, you must have an account.