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May 30, 2021

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Having the perfect computer desk is something a lot of us struggle to find. You’ll either find the desk is too small, doesn’t have a pull-out tray or in general, just isn’t appealing to look at. Since the COVID pandemic working from home has increased which increases the requirement of having a Computer Desk, the question is, what computer desk is best for me? In this article, we have pinpointed 3 of our favourite Glass Computer Desks which all have outstanding reviews and are stylish as well!


YQ WHJB Glass Computer Desk

Large but simple, the design of this desk is a must-have. With a modern and stylish look, the design doesn’t take up a lot of room but is far our favourite desk on the market with a glass panel. A small disadvantage is a price which costs £374 but there are several advantages to having this desk which we will list below:



  • Nice to look at the design
  • Sliding keyboard tray
  • Room for your computer/desktop to sit at
  • Lots of room for accessories like monitor, lights, plants
  • Works well with modern house designs
  • Dark glass, which doesn’t stain



  • High price tag
  • Reflective surface causing the monitor to reflect

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GoldFan Modern Glass Computer Desk

As it says in the name, the Goldfan Computer Desk has a modern and slick look that doesn’t take up a lot of room. It’s got a beautiful glass surface with plenty of room underneath the desk, making an item which would look great in a more modern designed home. For a price of £109, this desk is a good buy.




  • See-through glass
  • Lots of room underneath
  • Simple
  • Colour variation
  • Height adjustable
  • Good price




  • No keyboard tray
  • Almost too simple that you need to have a certain style house for it

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Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk

Our last option is a mix of both the YQ and Goldfan designs. This desk is small in size but has the bulky design of the YQ which makes it stand out as a desk, rather than a table shall we say. It also has the Goldfan’s glass top with a see-through design. At a very similar price as the Goldfan you can get this table for £105.32




  • Looks like a desk rather than a table
  • Has colour variation
  • Keyboard Tray
  • A good size to save space




  • No height adjustment
  • No assembly instructions
  • Parts don’t fit for some customers.

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