The Best Methods To Find Computer Specs Windows 10

May 27, 2021

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You may be asking yourself how to find computer specs on windows 10? Fortunately, it’s become a lot easier to get your computer specifications with the easier Windows 10 layout and UI interface. There are several methods you can use to get the Specifications of your Computer through Windows 10 and in this article, we will explain the best methods to find your computer specs using the easiest Operating System (O/S) yet.


Probably the simplest and best command to find your information is through DXDIAG. It can take a little while to configure but once the command is sent your PC will come back to you with a lot of specifications, which will be in an easy format to read. The advantage to this is it only shows the most important information but the exact details like Operating System Version etc won’t be shown and you will want to use the next method for that. To use the command, you can either press the Windows Key and search for “DXDIAG” or you can press the “Windows Key” + “R”, then type “DXDIAG”. With this menu, you will be able to see the computer name, manufacture, CPU, RAM and on the top tap, you can select “Display” to see your GPU.


System information 

An alternative method to get your Windows Specifications is to use the System Information which has been used throughout all Windows version. This method of viewing your Computer Specs better if you’re after a much better and detailed report. To look into the system information, you can press the Windows key and type in “system information” or you can go press the “Windows Key” + “R” and type “MSINFO32” this will give you a detailed list including your operating system type and much, much more!



There are a lot more alternative methods to look at your computer specs but we find that the above methods are by far the easiest way to view your computer information. Other alternatives can by using Third-party software, Bios, Manufacture websites, or even physically looking at the part which will normally have the manufacturer or model number included.

GPU model number

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