The Switch does this better than the Steam Deck

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Nintendo’s Switch console has seemingly held a crushing grip on the handheld gaming market since it first launched. However, for the first time since the handheld hit store shelves, it has a bona fide competitor. There’s even a chance the Steam Deck could end up being a better-selling device eventually. The reasons that Valve’s newest entry into the video game market could end up being the king of the hill are numerous. Chief among them is that the device can play a ton of AAA games in a miniaturized space. If a user has a certain game in their Steam library, the goal appears to be to make sure they can play that title on the go. However, even with that lofty aim, there is at least one thing the Steam Deck can’t offer that the Switch did on its very first day. Switch users may not have access to some of the AAA titles that will be available on the Steam Deck, but they do have access to an ever-growing list of Nintendo games at their fingertips.

  • Source: GameRant
  • July 27, 2021
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