The top 14 Magsafe accessors for the iPhone 12

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When Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 12 last October he detailed all the shiny new features: he lauded over 5G connectivity, waxed lyrical about the cameras and gushed about the flat-edged design. But one thing that received less attention than it deserved was the revival of Apple’s magnetic charging system MagSafe.

After its introduction in 2006, MagSafe was inexplicably removed, without reason, from subsequent MacBook laptops a decade later. But unlike the original MacBook MagSafe, which was simply a magnetic charging connector that plugged into your laptop, ensuring it didn’t fall onto the floor if you accidentally tripped over the cord, MagSafe for iPhone is a completely wireless charging ecosystem that does more than just charge your device.


Weirdly, whilst the all-new MagSafe for the iPhone 12 keeps the same MagSafe moniker as the original connector, the only thing it really has in common with its predecessor is that it uses magnets to help attach itself to the device. MagSafe in the iPhone has a whole lot more potential.

  • Source: Wired
  • July 11, 2021
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