The year 2021 should be the year of gaming handheld devices!

Image Credit:Photo by Marko Blazevic from Pexels

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The year 2020 was one of big, high-powered game consoles: the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X and Series S (and, for me, the Oculus Quest 2). But 2021’s new game systems are all about fitting in your hand. Welcome back to Portable Gaming World.

Handheld games have been around for decades: the Nintendo 3DS, the DS before it, the PlayStation Vita, the PSP, the Game Boy and Game & Watch. But there’s something of a renaissance going on at the moment. A big part of that involves unique boutique devices that have been promised for several years, and are finally being released after 2020’s COVID-related production delays. 

  • Source: CNet
  • August 1, 2021
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