This iPhone 13 DIY screen replacement is breaking iPhone Face IDs

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Apple’s new iPhone 13 lineup might pack a lot of new features, but they now have a major restriction that makes it much harder for independent repair shops to replace broken screens. If you try to swap the screen, Face ID just won’t work — that is, unless you know how to microsolder and can successfully move a tiny microcontroller from the original screen to a new one, as detailed in an article from iFixit.

The change makes a very common replacement much more difficult for independent repair shops that may rely on screen repairs as a significant part of their business. Authorized Apple shops apparently don’t run into the problem, as they have access to software that “can make an iPhone 13 accept a new screen with a few clicks,” according to iFixit. But many indie shops aren’t part of Apple’s official Independent Repair Provider program, which reportedly has invasive terms, leaving them to have to try and find a way to repair iPhone screens on their own.

  • Source: the verge
  • November 5, 2021
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