This is how you use “soundmojis” on Facebook messager

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A picture is worth a thousand words — and also maybe some laughs, cries, and goat bleats.


In July, Facebook Messenger introduced “soundmojis”: Emojis that play a sound when you send them within Messenger. Facebook’s sound design team has assigned unique sounds to 30 emojis. So, for example, if you want to send a hands clapping emoji, it can now come with actual uproarious applause.


Other soundmojis have pop culture sound clips associated with them. Click the stop emoji and Billie Eilish will ask: “Stop. What the hell are you talking about?” Which is a much more devastating thing to send to someone than the simple red octagon.


Soundmojis are only in Facebook Messenger for now. However, Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram, and has already been integrating the backends of the messaging platforms, and allowing for inter-platform messaging between Facebook and Instagram. So it’s possible you’ll be seeing more of these noisy emojis in the future.

Here’s how to use soundmojis.

  • Source: Mashable
  • August 12, 2021
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