This is the “Social Media Car”, a vehicle from the future

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Indi EV says its car will be the 5G-connected office and play space of the future. But it’s not clear if the independent, mostly unknown EV company — with a few lawsuits to its founder’s name — can actually pull it off. 

At the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, would-be automaker Indi EV introduced the public to its flagship car, an SUV called the Indi One. Under its hood, where you might expect to find an engine, is a computer. One day, the company says it will power three cameras, three dashboard screens, and 5G connectivity so users can work, capture photos and videos, edit content, post to social media, and play video games in their car. 

“We focused on the content creation capabilities of this car,” an Indi EV media rep said at the Los Angeles Auto Show Wednesday, where the company was showing the Indi One proof of concept. “Take that always on internet of things connectivity and give it to passengers. We wanted to build it all into the car itself.”

  • Source: Mashable
  • November 20, 2021
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