Titanfall 3 Reportedly Spotted For Pre-Order In GameStop

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Titanfall series has established itself as a prominent FPS shooter in the gaming industry. Titanfall games intertwine mechs with the high-octane fast-paced action in the usual FPS fashion to deliver an innovative experience. The series is very beloved by its passionate players, and their achievements have been witnessed time and time again. The loyal community has unified together several times to protect itself from hostile threats, like cyberpunks, and has kept the Titanfall 2 servers up and running through diminishing odds.

The chances of Titanfall 3 happening are pretty bleak; Respawn Entertainment has cited in the past that they are not interested in another installment in the Titanfall series. Moreover, Respawn Entertainment has its hands full with multiple Star Wars projects. However, not all hope is lost for Titanfall fans; the recent rumor is a ray of hope for this FPS’ future. There have been multiple sightings of Titanfall 3 available for pre-order across GameStop retail stores in Germany. Many players have allegedly spotted the game available for pre-order across certain outlets.

  • Source: Exputer
  • May 8, 2022
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