What do computer glasses help with?

December 17, 2020

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At some point in our lives, we have thought about getting glasses, whether it’s because we need them or just because we want a fashion accessory. One of the most recent eyewear accessories or necessities is computer glasses. Often or not we get the question pop up, asking what do computer glasses help with? The good news is we have put together a small article for you, to assist you as to whether or not you require them or not?

What are computer glasses? 

These glasses have been specifically designed to prevent injury from our eyes in the modern climate of technology. Before the invention of these glasses, health professionals were becoming concerned about the ongoing effect that technology could have on our eyes. The glasses were designed to enable us safe use when on technology.

How do they help ?

There are a few ways that computer glasses help us with. The first one is:


Reducing Eye Strain and Headaches when using Technology

Sometimes when we use technology for long periods, whether it’s a computer, laptop or mobile phone, eventually long periods of use can end up giving people irritated and dry eyes after working a long day. Some of these glasses have been designed to prevent this and eye injury from occurring. They are particularly useful is the modern climate, whereby a lot of jobs have now moved to work from home.

Computer Vision Syndrome

This condition has become even more of a concern with the increase of technology. You may have noticed it yourself when your eyes become strained or irritated in the day. The official word for this is Computer Vision Syndrome. The condition itself is a temporary vision impairment whereby staring at a computer screen without Computer Glasses can cause this. Some of the symptoms you may find with this condition are blurred vision, red or dry eyes, blurred vision, dizziness and headaches. All of these are common occurrences with Computer Vision syndrome but by wearing the correct computer glasses this condition can be reduced or even completely healed.

    How do they work? 

    Computer glasses aren’t the same as ordinary glasses as they are specially made to reduce the above eye strain problems. They are made with an Anti-reflective coating which helps reduce glare and comes with a special tint which increases contract making screen viewing an easier experience. If you already have reading glasses, you can get prescription glasses as well.

    Smaller impacts that Blue light has:


    Blue light is also known for causing sleep disruption – It does this by causing a circadian rhythm which is similar to the sun. Therefore it tricks the brain into thinking we should be awake.

    Types of Computer Glasses: 

    You can get Blue light glasses in many different forms. Some glasses will only focus on protective layer whereas a lot of modern computer glasses will cover them all. These glasses provide a coating covering you from:

    – Anti-UV

    – Anti-Fog

    – Reduced Glare

    – Reduction of blue light.


    So, what do computer glasses do? In summary, they protect our eyes from harsh blue light which in return saves us from irritated or itchy eyes. You can get blue light glasses from as a little as £19.99.

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