What is Monitor Ghosting? How to fix it?

February 3, 2021

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Monitor ghosting can be problematic and annoying, especially if you are a gamer. It becomes even worse when you are in the middle of a critical situation in a game, and the screen starts ghosting. You would ultimately lose the game due to that problematic screen.

Ghosting can be seen when one image is stuck, and another image overlaps it and makes the screen blur. It is something like the fading of the object on the screen.

So let’s explore further what monitor ghosting is and how you can fix it.

What is monitor ghosting?

Ghosting on the monitor is an effect that happens on monitors when a picture that was previously viewed can be seen, leaving a trace of some blurriness effect in the currently shown image and causing the currently shown image to be torn.

Fast FPS rate games are more prone to cause monitor ghosting. Ghosting occurs due to slow response time and the display’s failure to keep pace with the refresh rate. Some other problems, including screen tearing, input lag, stuttering, flickering, or runt frames, may also occur.

How to fix it? 

Now let’s discuss how we can fix this issue.

Enabling Overdrive in Monitor Settings

Enabling Overdrive can fix this issue in many cases. For enabling it, go to On-display Menu and then search for the Overdrive option. Once you get there, check if it is enabled. Even if it is enabled, you would need to alter its values and check if the ghosting problem is fixed at a certain value or not.

Conclusion Updating Graphics Card (GPU) 

A troublesome GPU might also cause a ghosting problem. So it’s better to check the GPU and its driver. There might be a need to update the driver or even the GPU.

If the problem is still there, you might need to change your monitor because it might not suit the latest games you are playing.

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