What is Packet Loss in Gaming | How You Can Fix This?

October 4, 2021

What is Packet Loss in Gaming | How You Can Fix This?

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Are you facing some issues while browsing the internet or your internet connection is unstable while playing games? Either way, you need to check on your internet server and find a proper solution for that.


If you are experiencing some lag or internet connectivity problem, it would certainly be because of packet loss. That could make your internet disconnect – let alone making it slow.


However, this term would be new to many of you, creating chaos and confusion in your mind. Well, do not get panic! We will not only guide you well, but also suggest you the possible ways to fix this out. Hang in right there.

What is Packet Loss in Gaming? A Concept!

To send or receive any information across the server, you do it with small units that we call packets. While transferring, data could be lost in the way, causing packet loss. Packet loss could affect the programs running on your computer, leading to the loss of valuable information and work.


Packet loss does not affect your system directly. However, it appears as the network’s problems like network disconnection, slowing down of server, or fluctuations in the connectivity. All these things have unpleasant effects on your game – making you quit the game.

How Can You Fix Packet Loss?


Fixing packet loss can be a lot easier than you think. What you need to do is to check up on a few things:


  1. Reboot Your System:


While rebooting your system may sound ridiculous to you, it solves the problem with no fuss. Sometimes, the problem is in your system, which ultimately causes packet loss and issues in connectivity to the server.



  1. Upgrade Your Internet:


Well, upgrading the internet both in terms of speed or service could benefit you a lot in overcoming the problem. Just contact your service provider and choose a more suitable package for you.



  1. Quit Your Wi-Fi Connection:


Switching to a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi would help to subjugate the interference in the way. Also, an ethereal connection is way faster than Wi-Fi.

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