What is Smurfing While Gaming; here’s What You Need to Do!

October 5, 2021

What is Smurfing While Gaming; here’s What You Need to Do!

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Playing a competitive game is only fun till you are playing against an opponent of the same rank. However, in most cases, it is the other way round. While playing online multiplayer games, you will face plenty of pro players camouflaged as low-level players. Frustrating? I am sure it is!


If you are a middle-rank player or just started playing, you might have encountered a professional player disguised as a beginner. That is the new trick by ace players to get a good hold of ranks and gadgets – to complete the missions and tasks effortlessly. So, what is the term used for them? Here is the answer!

What Is Smurfing In Gaming? | Who Is A Smurf?

Smurfing is a technique used by high-ranked players to have a better gaming experience – along with a sense of superiority. This tactic, however illicit, can be done in almost every multiplayer online game available.


A smurf player shows his talent and skills through low-level accounts, and as a result, winning and ruling over all the fresh players in the game.

Why Do People Consider Smurfing As An Option?


Different players have contrasting approaches to smurfing. Some do it for fun, while others do it to gain mastery in the game. In either case, it is only affecting the people who are playing fair.


A lot of streamers and YouTubers have also done Smurfing; for smooth and excellent gaming. That will help them gain a lot of followers and subscribers. Lastly, smurfing also gets done by people to polish their skills and play with their low-level friends.

How Can You Overcome Smurfing In Gaming?

The thing is: you cannot deal with smurfing except the fact that you can leave the game. While smurfing is not allowed, a lot of people still do. However, some game developers have strict policies against smurfing.


In the Fortnite game, all of your accounts could get deleted if caught smurfing. That will allow the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) to prevail among the gaming community.

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