What is the optimal CPU temperature for gaming?

January 17, 2021

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If you are a gaming geek, you would realize the importance of a cool working CPU. Many gamers are confused about CPU temp and always ask what is the optimal CPU temp for gaming?


People would invest in costly hardware and anti-virus software, but they ignore their CPU, which is the brain of any gaming PC build. The information about CPU temperature is important so let’s explore the topic further.

What is the ideal CPU Temp for Gaming?

The ideal CPU temperature for gaming ranges from 70 and 80 degrees centigrade (158-176 ° F). If you see any abnormal hike in these levels of temp, it’s time to check your system.


Some manufacturers are offering CPUs that can withstand higher temperatures of up to 110 degrees C. However, you would need to look further into the details in the case of a gaming PC. You should only choose those hardware components that are compatible with your build and optimized for gaming.


The i9 9900K is a recommended CPU for hardcore gamers, and it is noticed that it can offer ideal CPU temp levels from 79 to 80 degrees Celsius (174-176 ° F).


On the other hand, the latest AMD CPUs have the functionality to turn off the system as soon as it hits the risky heat threshold.

Apps that help monitor CPU Temperature

HWMonitor: It is a highly recommended app to track CPU temp while gaming. It would help track the highest and lowest CPU temps as well.


CAM: This is another helpful app to note CPU temperature, fan speed, and the clock speed of CPUs.


SpeedFan: The SpeedFan app would give you manual control over fan speed and let you control the CPU temperature. It is recommended for those gaming systems having air coolers installed. It will be beneficial in maintaining an optimal temperature of the gaming PC.

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