Which CPU is better: Locked or Unlocked?

August 27, 2021

Which CPU is better: Locked or Unlocked?


Purchasing a processor eligible for your gaming is not a piece of cake. To get the best out of it, you need to look for every minor detail and check out every component.


While purchasing a processor, a lot of things might confuse you. All things consider, locked and unlocked processors are one of them. However, Intel processors come with two alternatives: locked processors and unlocked processors.


The term, locked and unlocked processors, might appear to be somewhat irritating for you. Along these lines, here is the contrast between the two of them.

What is a locked and unlocked processor?

While an unlocked processor contains a clock multiplier, a locked one does not. A clock multiplier serves to overclock your central processing unit when necessary. A locked processor works the other way round.


So the question is; is overclocking even beneficial in a processor? Well, an overclocked processor works better as it extends the clock speed of your CPU over the built-in pace. As of locked processor, it has a fixed processing speed limit.

Locked Vs. Unlocked? Time to choose!


Well, an unlocked processor is way better in speed than a locked one. It tends to maintain good speed even with an increased workload. But, in gaming, it is not as expected.


Overclocked CPUs work the best by reducing the Fps, making the game run a bit better. But overall, in gaming, it does not show any noticeable difference as it runs the game, the same as the locked CPU.


Furthermore, unlocked CPUs are also heavy in your pockets as compared to the Locked CPU. Not only that, it causes the CPU to overheat. So it’s time to buy cooling pads!

How to check if your CPU is locked or unlocked?

Well, all AMD Ryzen CPUs come with an overclocked processor, making all of them unlocked CPUs. While, Intel gave us two choices; both locked and unlocked.


The Intel models ending in K are all unlocked. Also, include these exceptions of HK & KF. The rest of all is the locked Central processing unit.

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