Why PC Gaming is better than Playing on a Console?

February 6, 2021



Let’s talk about the constant battle between the gamers and why pc gaming is better than a console. Some of them are diehard fans of Xbox or PlayStation, but they are smaller than the group of gamers that defend and are fond of PC gaming. If you want to know how pc gaming is better, keep reading!

Better Gaming Experience


The exciting thing about pc gaming is its graphics; better graphics are declared the foremost priority of gamers. While the current generation of consoles provides the best graphics, there is always an option of Graphics card upgrade in the pc, which console doesn’t have.

Variety of Games

Another field where PC gaming performs better than consoles is the number of unlimited and uncountable games. Yes, you can play hundreds of games (either new or old) on your pc at a lower price than the console.

Easy to customise


Customisation of PC makes it more favourite of Gamers because you can make tons of upgrades in your pc as compared to console. These upgrades work for hands-on hands because these upgrades will increase your gaming experience and your overall performance, storage, and other things. Consoles can restrict your way of playing, but PC users have a wide variety of controllers, steering wheel for games.


    The cost of gaming PCs or consoles is not the topic of discussion here. A gaming PC would cost you some extra money than a console, but it’s worth it. You can upgrade the PC whenever you want, but you can’t customise the gaming console. Therefore the pros of playing games on PC are more than playing them on a console.
    Due to these reasons, PC gaming is always the favourite choice of pro gamers than playing games on consoles. 

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