Will gaming damage my laptop?

May 27, 2021


What a question…. Will gaming damage my laptop? Well, the answer is both yes and no, it does depend on many variables. These days gaming is becoming increasingly popular and with technology improving the benefits of gaming from a laptop out weighs having a hefty Gaming Desktop and screen taking up room in the corner of the room. The thing is, does gaming on a laptop have any other benefits or is it just a space-saving device? I suppose you could go away and game at your mate’s house but in reality that will rarely happen. The thing to remember, whether you’re playing games on a laptop or desktop, is that the parts are all very similar in both, yes desktops are a lot larger and you can put more powerful parts in them but it will depend on the laptop. For example, I have a Desktop that has an Intel i3 with a GTX 1060, 8GB Ram and a 1TB HDD. This desktop can play games just fine and will also do the same processes as a laptop will when gaming. You hardly notice a Desktop getting damaged when Gaming and neither will the laptop if the parts can handle it! Going back to our example, but this time you have a laptop with an Intel i7 CPU, with a GTX 2080, 16GB RAM and a 500GB SSD, this laptop will run 100x better than a Desktop but why?

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At the end of the day, the answer to whether or not gaming will damage your laptop is down to Specifications. In our last example, we explained that a high spec laptop will run better than a desktop but in fact, it does more. The parts in that laptop are designed to run higher-end applications such as Games and are stress-tested to play games constantly without anything breaking. Yes, if you play games constantly every day all day, the parts will eventually wear and break but that’s the same on ALL COMPUTERS, laptop or Desktop regardless. The main thing is learning as to whether or not your laptop can handle the game in question. An example of this is to find out the Specs of your laptop, check out our handy article on how to do this.

Once you know the Specs of your laptop go to the requirements of a game. We’ll use the specifications for Call of Duty as an example on this one. To run the game you need to have the following:

So if you have any of the following Specs on your laptop then you should be fine but if you try running the game in higher graphics than what’s recommended for your device or your specs aren’t what the game requires, you will either not be able to play at all or your device will struggle. That’s where damage can come in. If you try playing a game with a low-end laptop, your laptop will work harder and will either crash, start getting hot and overheat or won’t let you play at all. Technically it would require a lot of gaming and stressing your laptop to damage It but yes, it’s possible … just very difficult to do so. Our recommendation is always to check the specifications and just play!


Your laptop can last a very long time before it packs in, and if it does then get one designed for gaming. In conclusion, playing games on your laptop won’t break it, it’s only what you do with the laptop that causes it to break and remember, all technology breaks eventually.

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